Best Worker Comp Lawyers in Dubai

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Here are the Top Worker Comp Lawyers in Dubai

Mohammed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Legal Services

It is one of the top law firms with the best worker compensation lawyers team in Dubai. These lawyers are experienced in representing workers in courts to get the compensation they deserve in cases of workplace injuries and diseases.

The law firm has professional lawyers who can represent their clients for two types of compensation, namely metaphorical compensation and compensation for injury.

They will abide by the labor laws of the UAE to cover the expenses for the treatments, examinations, diagnostic procedures, and other medicines. This will help improve the health of the worker in case of injury or illness.

The compensation may differ depending upon the duration of leave taken by the employee with long treatment and also the reduction in salary, which will be issued as compensation after resuming work.

These lawyers can assist the employees in the event of partial disability upon receiving treatment or because of an accident. A special team of experienced lawyers will help in receiving the compensation by calculating the percentage of monetary needs because of the disability.

The law firm also handles cases for compensation because of death, where the specific salary will be paid to the worker’s family as compensation. You can get in touch with them for worker’s compensation issues.

Phone: +971 4 225 3131


Address: Office No. 405, 4th floor, located in the same building ADIB and Iraqi Airways office, Behind KIA and NISSAN Agencies, Business Point Bldg., Port Said St, Deira, Dubai

Hassan Al-Reyami Advocates and Legal Consultants

If you are looking to hire the best team of worker compensation lawyers in Dubai, you can get in touch with them for compensation for occupational injuries.

According to UAE labor laws, employees can claim worker compensation in the event of an injury at the workplace. Lawyers can help get the money they deserve by filing a case against the employer.

This law firm has a team of professional lawyers who can help employees get compensation in the event of injury sustained during employment. They can prepare the paperwork, deliver an investigation report to the police department, and represent the client in court to get compensation.

These lawyers can also help the employees with labor accidents where they suffer an injury and claim compensation for hospitalization, treatments, medicines, and rehabilitation costs.

The team of senior lawyers will also help the clients in cases of disability or performance loss because of injury. The full wages for the entire period of treatment will be claimed as compensation. They will also help get compensation for the employee’s partial or permanent disability and the employee’s death.

Phone: +971-4-4534188


Address: Suites 2408 Al Shafar Tower 1, TECOM, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ask the Law

Ask the Law is one of the leading law firms in Dubai that has highly qualified worker compensation lawyers. They help in filing compensation cases as per the labor and employment laws in the UAE.

These lawyers will guide you in claiming compensation for injuries, industrial deafness, disability, and death in the workplace. In addition, they will help the employee get compensation from the company if they have deafness.

The team of experienced lawyers has the knowledge to create contraction agreements to claim compensation from the employer. They will help draught the documents, perform the cases, and excuse the court cases to complete the entire compensation process.

If you are looking to file any compensation claims against your company, you can get a free consultation and chat with the lawyers to get the best-customized solutions.

Phone: +971 50 188 8453


Address: Fifty-One Tower – Unit 1601 – Marasi Dr – Dubai UAE

Ali Itizan Attorneys

Ali Itizan Lawyers are one of the top worker compensation lawyers in Dubai. They can assist employees in filing compensation cases and getting the amount they deserve because of workplace injuries or illnesses.

These employees provide the best legal advisors on various litigations as per labor law in Dubai and help employees get the right to compensation.

They can help prepare the paperwork and draft the documents required for claiming compensation because of workplace injuries, accidents, or other illnesses or diseases experienced at their workplace.

This law firm can help claim compensation because of accidents at work, partial or permanent disability, or the death of the employee at the workplace. They can represent the clients in court, protect their rights, produce the perfect witnesses and negotiate to get the right compensation they deserve.

You can contact them for legal advice and the drafting of contracts for compensation claims.

Phone: 00971 6 5690077


Address: Al Reem Tower, Al Maktoum Rd – Deira – Riggat Al Buteen – Dubai – UAE

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