Best TV Repair Services in Dubai

We’ve compiled the 63 TV Repair Services in Dubai, then shortlisted 31 and picked the top 5 so that you have the simplest experience choosing.

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Here are the top TV Repair Services in Dubai 

We Fix TV 

We Fix TV is a professional TV repair company based in Dubai. They have a reputation of being very reliable and are trusted by customers. They have expert services in repairing all kinds of TVs, and their services are affordable and professional. They understand what their customers need about the appliances and provide easy solutions to ease those problems. They offer a wide variety of services concerning TVs with LCD, LED, Plasma, and OLED TVs included. Their staff is very professional and fully qualified to deal with any kind of repair job. Their engineers offer to fix appliances within five days of collection and fix any appliance no matter where purchased. They also offer a 90-day guarantee on all the work they do. Furthermore, their repairs are guaranteed against any further damage as they strive to make customer satisfaction their utmost priority.   

Address: South Street, Al Barsha, Al Barsha South, Dubai 

Phone: +971 56 123 2421 


NTS Repair Dubai 

NTS Appliances Repair Services is a TV repair company based in Dubai. They have a professional demeanor and a reputation of trust and reliability. Their expert technicians can repair every kind of TV on the market and provide an easy solution to any appliance problem. Their customer-centric approach to their repair process gives their solutions an affordable and reliable service. Their services are as varied as they are reliable. Their repertoire of services is not limited to any particular model and is all-inclusive of the various kinds of TVs which are available in the market. Their staff is on hand 24 hours, and they can be available at any time of the day. This makes their services very valuable as they can be at your doorstep quickly and take care of your problem. 

Address: International City, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: 0521616545 


Shahid Bashir Technical Services 

Shahid Bashir Technical Services promises to be a company that can help you with any problem related to your TVs. Their technical engineers are always ready to provide their expert help to any faulty appliance situation. They adhere to their core values: excellence, integrity, and respect, which have made them a trusted and reliable brand in their field. If you want an easy and affordable solution to your appliance problem, then Shahid Bashir Technical Services is the perfect organization to take care of that problem. They understand and approach their customers with the experience they have acquired after being in the business for a long time. Therefore, they try and come up with solutions that take less time and are not as heavy on the pocket.  

Address: 365 D90 – Al Satwa, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: +971 55 340 0531 


Mirza Ijaz Electrical Devices Repairing 

Mirza Ijaz Electrical Devices Repairing believes in providing smart and affordable maintenance. They have been serving satisfied customers for a long time and are considered among the better brands in the market for TV repairs. They are among the companies to provide a satisfaction guarantee and constantly strive to improve their customer services. They offer authorized repair solutions no matter if you are at home or in the office and are open to offering their services to any industry. They are in the business of repairing every major brand, and they provide solutions with extreme care. They provide a quality service, are fast and efficient, and always remain reliable. Their engineers are experienced and are always available to help you out with any appliance problem you might be having. If it is a reliable and trustworthy repair service that will make the repair procedure seriously and make an effort to complete the problem, then Mirza Ijaz Electrical Devices Repairing is the right company for you.   

Address: Shop No 7, Satwa, Dubai UAE 

Phone: +971561065551 


OMSR Electronics Repairing & Maintenance 

OMSR Electronics Repairing & Maintenance is a company that constantly strives to provide the best in the market services and keep their customers’ trust. They aim to provide the most professional and efficient services while maintaining international standards. They are a preferred company, and they deliver a very high level of satisfaction for their customers and aim to set benchmarks for the entire industry. Their staff constantly strives to improve their approach and solutions to achieve peak quality. They take a meticulous approach when it comes to repairing your TVs. They take the standard maintenance procedures and processes concerning repairing any TV. Their process includes checking the components around the defective area to determine if there is any damage caused due to stress. Their technicians then take the necessary procedures to complete the repairs to perfection.     

Address: Manama Street, Ras Al Khor, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: +971-581728999 Website:

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