Best Teeth Whitening Clinics in Dubai

We’ve compiled the 88 teeth whitening clinics in Dubai, then shortlisted 44 and picked the top 5 so that you have the simplest experience choosing.

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Here are the Top Teeth Whitening Clinics in Dubai

Lookswoow Dental Clinic

Lookswoow is one of the top-rated teeth whitening clinics in Dubai. It is in the Dubai Mall, which makes it one of the most convenient locations to get your teeth whitened with no hassles. They have a team of skilled dentists who perform aesthetic and dental treatments with care.

This clinic offers organic teeth whitening procedures in Dubai, where the gel used for whitening the teeth and gums is plant and mineral-based. The FDA approved this procedure, which makes it perfect for tooth sensitivity.

You can book an appointment for teeth whitening when you visit the Dubai Mall. The dentist will perform a full dental check-up and also recommend professional teeth cleaning before the teeth whitening procedure.

You can see the results within a day where the whitening gel helps with whitening and remineralization of the teeth. It takes only one treatment for you to achieve whiter and cleaner teeth. The dentist recommends teeth whitening care kit at home for long-term maintenance of the teeth.

Phone: +971 4 448 7016


Address: Unit GF – 260 – Financial Center Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Pearl Dental Clinic

Pearl Dental Clinic is one of the most popular teeth-whitening centers in Dubai. They offer a wide range of teeth whitening treatments, ensuring the perfect smile for their clients. Teeth whitening is one of the quickest methods to brighten and clean teeth.

This clinic offers a variety of teeth whitening treatments like Zoom in-office treatments, Zoom Day White and Night White for in-home treatments, Nano whitening, Beyond Max teeth whitening, and Beyond Stay White for teeth whitening at home.

In-office Zoom teeth whitening is done under the guidance of a qualified dentist who uses the best quality products to offer customized whitening solutions and long-lasting results.

The home teeth whitening kit is custom made according to the client’s requirements, and they show pre-and post-treatment care procedures.

Phone: +971 4 427 0710


Address: Shop 3 & 4, Citadel Tower, Near JW Marriott, Burj Khalifa Area, Business Bay, Dubai.

Crossroads Dental Clinic

Crossroads Dental Clinic is one of the trusted teeth whitening centers in Dubai and offers world-class dental care for customers in the UAE. The clinic is equipped with the latest dental treatments and technologies, and friendly dentists perform successful procedures.

This clinic offers in-office teeth whitening, laser whitening, and home bleaching treatments. In-office whitening is a 30 to 45-minute procedure that makes teeth whiter with the least amount of discomfort and sensitivity.

Home bleaching helps in the whitening of teeth at home, where the patients can apply the whitening gel and wear the tray at home at night for a few days until they get the desired results. Dentists recommend post-whitening care procedures to maintain the whitening effect for a long time.

Phone: +971- 4 343 5424


Address: Office #803, The Tower Plaza Hotel Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Beside Emirates Towers Metro Station (Exit 2), Dubai.

Dr.Joy Dental Clinic

Dr.Joy dental clinic is one of Dubai’s most reputed and sophisticated teeth-whitening facilities. It is a state-of-the-art clinic that offers a variety of teeth whitening procedures for customers in the UAE.

Their services include Zoom teeth whitening and home teeth whitening cosmetic procedures. Zoom teeth whitening is a one-day procedure where you can see immediate results. It is the perfect treatment to get for job interviews, weddings, or last-minute events.

This facility also offers home teeth whitening with a customized whitening kit and professional instructions to whiten the teeth at home. This is perfect for people with sensitive teeth, as they can do the procedure at their convenience to minimize sensitivity. You can visit the clinic to choose the best teeth whitening procedure suitable for your teeth.

Phone: +971 4 328 5332


Address: Villa No. 1021, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai, UAE

Micris Dental Clinic

Micris is one of the luxurious dental clinics in Dubai that offers the highest quality of dental care to patients in the UAE. It offers personalized and distinguished dental services with high-class equipment and skilled dentists.

One of the best teeth whitening centers offers a Zoom-teeth whitening procedure with advanced blue LED light technology. This technique helps in brightening your teeth eight shades whiter. In addition, they have the best team of highly qualified hygienists and dentists specializing in this safe whitening procedure.

This technique requires only a few hours and can be performed in a single session, which helps in whitening badly stained teeth. They also combine in-office whitening treatments with take-home gels for noticeable results.

Phone: +971 4 330 0441


Address: Villa 108, Jumeirah Beach Road Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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