Best Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai

We’ve compiled the 61 Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai, then shortlisted 32 and picked the top 5 so that you have the simplest experience choosing. 

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Here are the top Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai

Futures Abroad 

Futures Abroad Consultants is among the best study abroad consultants operating in Dubai. Their staff is very professional and expertise which they use to guide and support any student wishing to study abroad properly. Their consultants have gained a wealth of experience in their field over several years of giving the best educational advice to prospective students. The management of the organization is focused on the best processes being followed and the customer satisfaction that arises from adherence to those processes. They have several assistance processes that they provide to their students. This includes visa application support, consultation on required essays, and support in the documentation process. Their solutions are catered to the needs of their clients and are flexible in their approach so that the clients themselves get the support and guidance they need to get a successful education abroad. 

Address: JLT, Cluster C, Goldcrest Executive Tower, Suite 508, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: +971 4 5512 620 


Go To University 

Go To University aims to be a go-to provider for the best study abroad consultants. Their consultants are very professional and have several years of experience. They have given the right guidance to several students to go and get better opportunities abroad. The company aims to be among the best in the study abroad consultancy field and strives to provide the best solutions and services. Their focus is to offer the best quality in terms of their services and have managed to build up a lot of trusts with their customers and with several global universities. They have a varied number of academic partners present in multiple countries. Their extensive network gives them the means to guide all of their students towards better opportunities in education abroad. They have a customer-centric approach to their processes, making them an ideal partner to get better opportunities to study abroad.  

Address: Unit 1706, 1 lake plaza, Cluster T, JLT, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: +971 589997527 


Qadri International 

The company has provided consultation and training to students wishing to study abroad for several years and has gained valuable experience and insight in this field. They aim to provide their students with the right guidance and support to get better opportunities using their expert guidance and counseling. Their professional staff has the expertise to provide individuals with the proper level of training so that they become assets and get the right access to the kinds of opportunities they deserve. Their expert consultants are trained and have the certification to provide their students with the proper guidance and support that enables them to get ahead in life. They understand what their students might require, and their processes cater to the specific needs of their students. They believe that their efforts in guiding their students and giving the proper support will lead them to get good opportunities abroad and give them the means to improve their lives. 

Address: 1704 Opal Tower, Abraj Street, Burj Khalifa Blvd, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4 335 1390 


Edwise International 

Edwise International Consultants is a renowned study abroad consultancy that believes in putting its efforts toward students who deserve to have a good education abroad. This philosophy leads them to provide their services to their students. They aim to guide the decisions that students make and to support them in taking the best route available to them. They understand how important the individuals’ path is, strive to provide the proper guidance at the right time, and put the processes in place to ensure their success. They are among the best study abroad consultants in Dubai and have approved credentials in academic counseling. They have an extensive network that enables them to represent several educational institutions abroad. They have extensive experience placing an individual in the best universities abroad and have gained a lot of trust and reliability. 

Address: D-602, Aspect Tower, Executive Tower Complex, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4 51 46 900 


DM Study Abroad

DM Study Abroad Consultants are renowned for their varied series of educational counseling for their students. They have led several students towards pursuing a proper education from universities abroad. Their professional team of experienced consultants has gained a comprehensive understanding of the journey that a student makes with the requirements of the academic institutions. They also keep an eye on the processes and requirement changes that the universities make and have a feel for any changes in the industry itself. They give the utmost importance to the students and the work they and their families put in to get into a good educational institution abroad. They take care of all the things the student needs to get into the educational institution that will give them the best opportunities. They provide the type of career counseling and assistance with admissions and visas and give them the proper information so that their educational journey remains successful and they get to experience the best in opportunities when they go to study abroad.

Address: Office 3701/3703, Latifa Tower, East Wing, Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Crown Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: +971 505143789 Website:

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