Best Locksmiths In Dubai

We’ve compiled the 56 Locksmiths Agencies in Dubai, then shortlisted 32 and picked the top 5 so that you have the simplest experience choosing.

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Here are the top Locksmiths In Dubai

Digital Key Lock Repairing

Dubai Locksmith is a company that has been active in Dubai for over a decade. Their staff is highly dedicated and has tremendous expertise in their field. They come fully equipped to solve any issues in your lock systems. They are also available 24 hours to help deal with any issues that crop up on any day. Their staffs are ready to solve issues and are equipped with the latest gadgets and tools. Besides,  they have a professional demeanor when dealing with customers and are always ready to develop the best solutions to solve any issue. They are also an affordable option when you need locksmith services on short notice or in an emergency. They remain committed to providing the best services to their customers.

Address: Near big Mosque, Al Bada’a, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4 3440689


Mr. Locksmith

They are a professional locksmith company in Dubai and have been operational for over ten years in their field. They have a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with locks and has functional expertise in dealing with all kinds of locks. Their expert technicians can easily run security checks of your home, which will be quite thorough. They also have the know-how and technology available to help you deal with e to residential locks and keys challenges. They are counted among the best in their field and are always ready to answer the call whenever a customer needs. They are especially useful when you have purchased a new house or car to check if everything is in order. They are a reliable and trusted company and will provide you with the best lock solutions.   

Address: Shop S06, Building X08, England Cluster International City, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971554483370


Kurtuba Lock Repairing

Kurtuba Locksmith is a professional company that caters to lock emergencies and issues. They are an experienced company whose technicians are very well equipped to deal with issues and provide easy solutions. They provide a valuable service to their customers. Whenever a new house or car is purchased, it is a good idea to call a locksmith to check whether every lock is in proper working condition and, if necessary, provide the right solution for a challenge that might occur. Also, they are very helpful in an emergency if you are locked out. They provide rapid assistance to anyone stranded out of a house or car. They provide a variety of services which include residential lock services, commercial lock services, and car lock services. They aim to provide customers with satisfactory and professional services and solutions when needed. 

Address: Shop No 6, Belghujzooz Building Number 5, Near Satwa Big Mosque, Opposite Deniba International exchange and Boracay Trading, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +9714 344 9609


Dubai Locksmith Services

Dubai Locksmith Services is a company well versed in the art of locks and locksmithing. They have a wealth of experience with safety vaults and the parts they contain. Their technicians are experienced in installing and repairing these kinds of vaults and in the field of safe unlocking. Their focus remains on the technology available in the market and its variations. They also have a variety of services, including bolt working of service doors, lubrication and cleaning, relock device repair, hinge adjustment, and time locks. Their technicians take their time with each challenge and do close inspections of every part so that the solutions are thorough and are in line with their professional reputation. They have a process of examining and dealing with various locks tailored to the customer’s specifications. This process has been created and honed by the experience in the field and is a good way to get the best in service.

Address: Spain S01, International City, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971502414703


The Locksmith Dubai

The Locksmith Dubai is a trusted and reliable company with a wealth of experience dealing with locks. They are a 24-hour organization which means that any customer can reach them on any day or night. They ensure the best administrative concerns and aim always to provide fulfillment at 100%. They have experience with nearly every kind of locking device available, and they aim to offer the best solutions to every challenge. They are well versed in securing properties, whether it be a routine security check or an overhaul of the entire locking system. They will secure your property tight and in an easy and affordable process. They have gained trust and reliability over five years of exceptional service to their customers.   

Address: Shop #,3 Al Fahad building, Al Kuwait Road, Opposite Family Super Market, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971501867175Website:

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