Best Home Inspection Services in Dubai

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Here are the Top Home Inspection Services in Dubai

Manage My Property

Manage My Property is one of the top companies that offer home inspection services in Dubai. If you are planning to buy a new home, you must hire home inspectors to check the quality of the building before completion.

This company has the best team of professionals who can inspect the property to meet building and quality standards. They will give you a report of every detail, including imperfections, flaws, and other issues related to poor workmanship.

They will check the following conditions of your properties: floor ceiling, door locking mechanism, plumbing, painting, plastering, window frames, terraces, balcony areas, mechanical, electrical, heating, and air conditioning, as well as groundwork and garage.

You can book for the home inspection prior to the completion of the handover. Then, it becomes easy for the developers to rectify the issue and hand over a perfectly built home.

Phone: +971 52 237 9540


Address: Office 23 – Level P4, Marina Terrace, Dubai Marina, Dubai UAE


A newly built home might have some defects or other issues the builder must take care of before handing it over to the homeowner. If you do not have the time to check your newly built properties, you can hire professional home inspection services from this company.

The home inspection team will have a detailed technical scan of your property to identify defects, flaws, errors, or any negligence in your newly built home. Once they identify these defects and give you a report, you can easily negotiate for a better deal and move into your new home by signing a formal agreement.

This company will scan for plenty of issues in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical components, insulation of windows, doors, building amenities, moisture content, paint finishing, and flooring.

You can book a home inspection session to protect your property and make better-informed decisions.

Phone: +971 50 289 7226


Address: Business Bay Churchill Tower 807 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


It is one of the top companies offering professional home inspection services in Dubai. They are the best team of technical experts who can handle the time-consuming process of inspecting your home for major and minor falls to help you buy a quality property in Dubai.

The team of experts will inspect your property by visiting it twice to get a thorough knowledge of it, taking photographs for evidence, and also using a functional test to check the electrical, AC, and plumbing work.

They will prepare an inspection report within 24 hours and will also view the property again after the builder has rectified the highlighted issues.

This company provides twice the inspection of your property, helping you to buy a defect-free home and making the handover process easier for both the builder and the homeowner.

Phone: 054 310 1525


Address: 21 Floor Binary tower, Marasi drive, Dubai

Star Property Inspection 

Star Property Inspection is one of the leading companies that offer home inspection services in Dubai. It is one of the best companies to book a home inspection for your new property in the UAE.

They help in inspecting townhouses, apartments, holiday homes, buildings, villas, and other residential properties. The team will give a detailed report after inspecting the structural integrity of walls, ceilings, flooring, waterproofing, and the quality of the materials used for the construction work.

Their property inspection services are budget-friendly, and they have flexible plans for offline handover, secondary market property inspection, and move-in or move-out property inspection.

They will inspect for repairs, replacement defects, or maintenance and will rectify them before the handover process.

Phone: +971 4 881 9434


Address: Office 3306, 33rd Floor, Marina Plaza Building, Dubai Marina, Dubai UAE

HQ Property Inspections 

This is one of the trustworthy companies for booking home inspection services in Dubai. They will help you save millions by delivering credible home inspection reports before handing over the property from the builder to the homeowner.

They perform a visual inspection of the property’s internal and external works, including appliances, woodwork, drives, pathways, drainage, flooring, walls, doors, frames, pipes, brickwork, internal painting, fittings, tiles, heating, garage, ceilings, fences, gates, windows, staircases, and plumbing system.

This company has over a decade of experience in home inspections with services, including pre-handover inspection, resale inspection, and new construction inspection.

Phone: 600 522 005


Address: 25th Floor, Iris Bay Tower, Al Mustaqbal Street, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

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