Best Debt Settlement Companies in Dubai

We’ve compiled the 56 of Debt Settlement Companies in Dubai, then shortlisted 12 and picked the top 5 so that you have the simplest experience choosing.

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Here are the Top Debt Settlement Companies in Dubai

Freed Financial Services LLC 

Freed Financial Services LLC is a well-known entity in the field of debt management operating in Dubai. Their team is experienced and has the know-how to get your debts settled in a timely and effective manner. Their end-to-end solutions are tailored to the individual borrower and are quite effective in helping their customers easily pay back their loans. They have a variety of solutions that help their customers, including settlement plans and debt restructuring. These solutions also help when the market value of your assets does not cover your outstanding loans. They also assist in finding suitable buyers and provide services to negotiate with various banks so that you always get the best deals. Their team’s expertise will give you several options if you default on the loans. In addition, they will help avoid legal complications and get a better settlement plan for your debts.  

Address: 23rd Floor, Tiffany Tower (JLT), Dubai UAE 

Phone: +971 4 3691880 


EDM Consultancy 

EDM Consultancy is a debt management firm operating out of various cities in the UAE, including Dubai. Their professional and expert team is primarily engaged with customers – both individuals and businesses–who struggle to maintain their financial obligations. They have a customer-centric approach to all of their solutions. Their advice and process center on the customer and their needs. They value all of their clients and work diligently to ensure they get the best options available and reduce their financial burdens. The organization has over seven years of experience under its belt and has served and helped numerous clients. They do not ask for any payment upfront, yet the team still works tirelessly to ensure the customer gets the best deal. Their services are also covered for any legal assistance if needed. 

Address: Office 405, Economic Development Dept., Business Village, Block-B, Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai 

Phone: +971 58 519 3002 


Lin International Debt Management 

Lin International is among the leading debt help organizations in the UAE. They serve around 5000 customers with personal financial consultations, which are accurate, thorough, and readily accessible. Their core mission is to help people move up in their lives and have a safe and secure financial portfolio. They achieve this goal by offering their customers educational programs, materials, seminars, and confidential budget counseling. All of these programs and materials are expertly created to prepare customers to prepare them for a financial crisis before it happens. They also have solutions ready for dealing with a financial crisis and how to get their finances back on track. They provide their customers with low-cost solutions on their debts and educate them regarding the nuances of debt consolidation and management. They offer expert and effective, not to mention confidential, solutions tailored to each customer and their situation.   

Address: Al Shoala Bldg Block E, 4th Floor Office No 2, Port Sayed Street, Deria, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: 800 5464685 


Bin Eid Advocates 

With over 15 years of practice and experience under their belt, Bin Eid Advocates is a trusted name in debt settlement in the UAE. They are a local law firm based in Dubai with a great understanding of the local social, economic and legal environments. Their team consists of legal consultants and advocates who have distinguished themselves worldwide. In addition, they have customs teams created to help with any customer’s debt settlement needs. The special wing of Bin Eid Debt Collection is specifically designed to meet debt needs and to get the best results in cases. They are a full-service law firm with a vision to plan and settle client needs in the best possible way. Their team consists of a multinational and multilingual number of experts on hand to solve debt-related issues.   

Address: Al Mamzar Center, Near Al Qiyadah Metro Station, 2nd Floor, Office # 14, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: 600 544 009 


Dubai Debt Recovery 

Dubai Debt Recovery is a dedicated organization ready to assist its clients in dealing with any legal issues and expediting them in the best manner possible. Their team of associates deals with multiple legal areas and provides good, lawful assistance to clients. Their expert consultants simplify all legal issues and provide a good framework and solution to get the best results. Their core principles are trust, respect, and value in relationships. They aim to find only the best legal consultants for their clients to make the debt settlement cases are easy to solve as possible. Their reputation for expert debt recovery and management is well known throughout the region. They do a critical analysis of all the clients’ cases and create a customized strategy using which they execute effective solutions.  

Address: 78 Al Rigga Rd, Deira, Dubai, UAE 

Phone:  +971-50-5071820 


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