Best CrossFit Gyms in Dubai

We’ve compiled the 45 CrossFit gyms in Dubai, then shortlisted 26 and picked the top 5 so that you have the simplest experience choosing.

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Here are the Top CrossFit Gyms in Dubai

Sands Fitness

Sands Fitness is one of the best CrossFit gyms with a family-friendly community environment in Dubai. It has plenty of qualified coaches who help train your body based on your fitness limits. The gym has excellent indoor and outdoor exercise facilities and a variety of classes for all age groups in competitive and flexible pricing.

They offer an array of CrossFit classes for adults, kids, and teens with experienced coaches who help you achieve excellent results. In addition, they have beginner to professional athlete CrossFit programs that focus on cardiovascular endurance flexibility, stamina, balance, speed, strength, and power, which are customized based on the clients for varying fitness levels.

These CrossFit programs focus on conditioning, toning, building strength, and losing weight for adults. At the same time, they help in enhancing academic, motor skills, cognitive functioning, and physical performance among kids and teenagers.

Phone: +971 4 420 7997


Address: G01 Daytona House, Dubai Autodrome, Motor City, Dubai, UAE

CrossFit Alioth Fitness

Alioth CrossFit Fitness is one of the top CrossFit gyms in Dubai. It has structured programs for people who are focused on joining CrossFit training classes at their premises. They have separate fundamental training classes for beginners with experienced coaches who brief them about the movement standards before letting you join a group class.

The gym is also popular for ladies-only classes with a unique structure—an endurance class for athletes who are interested in high-intensity cardio. 

You can also join plenty of clubs such as swim, morning, sweat, and hero, where qualified professionals train you on weightlifting, swimming, beach workout, cycling, hiking, football, and cardio, along with one-on-one and team workouts.

Phone: +971 4 341 2233


Address: 11 23rd Street Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Business Bay CrossFit

Business Bay CrossFit is a leading small and intimate CrossFit gym in Dubai. It is a great place to make new friends and get fit together. If you focus on healthy CrossFit workouts in a small environment and one-on-one training with qualified coaches, this is the perfect spot for you.

The intimate workout sessions help in building relationships among community members. In addition, they have separate beginner training courses and professional, experienced CrossFit programs based on your fitness levels.

CrossFit classes are headed by coach Ades, where they follow everyday workouts and comfortable routines for both beginners and veteran athletes. These workout movements are scalable according to your ability, and they also offer private coaching to access your performance and help achieve your fitness goals with tailor-made sessions.

Phone: +971585863271


Address: Shop 6, Windsor Manor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Iconic Fitness

Iconic Fitness is one of the celebrated CrossFit gyms in Dubai. They have high-quality qualified coaches that help you in every session to help you achieve all your fitness goals. These professional trainers are also well equipped to track your nutrition, sleep, stress, and lifestyle to provide great personalized programs.

This is one of the few CrossFit gyms in Dubai Marina. They train several people in the community with high-quality CrossFit classes. And also provide several physical challenges to improve your flexibility and potential, which makes it one of the lively CrossFit classes to attend in Dubai. 

They offer a 30-day beginner’s CrossFit program that emphasizes strength training for aspirant athletes. In addition, experienced CrossFit coaches offer personal training sessions to help you adapt to the CrossFit workouts with no stress.

Phone: 04 422 5338


Address: Dream Tower 2, Ground Floor, Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates

Vogue Fitness

Vogue Fitness is one of the reputed CrossFit gyms in Dubai that is headquartered in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. It was started in 2014 and soon became one of the prestigious gyms in the country.

They offer plenty of fitness programs, including CrossFit and conditioning. This includes strong fit, weight lifting, yoga, spinning, and gymnastic classes. In addition, it has a positive community with plenty of members who achieve their fitness goals with the best-experienced coaches.

This gym is also popular for unique fitness programs such as personal home training, swimming, and online fitness programs. They also cater to women and kids in the locality with tailor-made programs based on their fitness levels.

Phone: +971 04 450 8234


Address: Concorde Tower, JLT Cluster H, Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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