Best Credit Repair Solutions in Dubai

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Here are the top Credit Repair Solutions in Dubai


Money Mall is a fintech service bringing the modern world into your credit experience. They provide the facilities to check and improve your credit score through a simple process. They also provide customers with easy to access loans and credit cards based on a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs. The company operates on transparency and aims to provide the correct and actual details without any fine print. The platform is also catered to the customers in that it is free to use. They avoid spamming customers with unwanted emails or calls, which leads to better peace of mind. All customers’ personal information is safe and secure with 256Bit encryption on their platform. Also, the customers own the data they provide to the company, and it is never shared. Customer information is updated regularly, and you can get personalized notifications about your credit score.

Address: Unit Office-9, Level 4, Gate Precinct Building 5, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 58 580 5626


CMS Credit Management

CMS Credit Management provides credit and risk management to its clients. They operate primarily in the B2B sector and are based out of Dubai. The company has been operating for a fair amount of time and has, as such, acquired a lot of trust from its clients. They are also a trusted brand among their many partners, both locally and internationally. They, as a practice, take an in-depth look at their client’s portfolios and come up with solutions that are tailor-made to suit the client. These solutions are expertly delivered via their experienced team of professionals focusing on reliability and effectiveness. This team is comprised of professionals with a combined 80+ years of financial experience. In addition, they provide a smart online platform to facilitate the automation of processes and engage with their clients to achieve the best results. CMS credit management has presented a simple solution to the customers that it caters to and helps them manage and drive their financial portfolio. They are a brand that has worked with several clients and has achieved very good results leading those clients to have a stable and increasingly better financial portfolio.

Address: Office 1314, Level 13, The Metropolis, Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4 553 0486


Instant Debt Management Services

Instant Debt Management Services is a well-known financial company based out of the UAE, and they provide a host of debt-related services. They are in the business of consulting, management, consolidation, settlement, and financial awareness as services they can provide. They do a lot, from assessing customers’ credit scores and portfolios to providing the best solutions to their clients. Their top management has already amassed a wealth of experience and a horde of knowledge acquired by working with leading financial institutions in the UAE. They also provide their customers with legal matters and issues that may arise due to financial delinquencies. They pride themselves on being customer-oriented and providing suitable plans to stabilize and address any financial shortcomings that the customer may have. Their expert team guides you on the right path to a better financial portfolio with this knowledge.

Address: Saheel -2 Building, 15th Floor, Office # 1507, Al Nahda -1, Al Qusais, 235117 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 565 6708 / +971 56 345 5474


Lotus Debt Management

Lotus Debt Management is one of the leading financial consultation companies operating in the UAE. They offer expert guidance on debt management, consolidation of liabilities, financial restructuring, and much more. They are especially focused on providing expert solutions to debt-ridden clients and helping them come out of that debt securely and easily. These customers are made aware of past mistakes, have them take appropriate actions for the present, and help secure their future. They have over two decades of financial experience, and they bring that experience to the table. They also have a strong foundation for providing personalized services to their clients and their needs. They are in liason with many financial institutions to provide a good credit structure and relief in the case of debt management. They also provide financial coaching and information to enable the client to reduce the financial exposure due to the debt and get a better deal. 

Address: 2701, Prime Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 56 159 1000 / +971 50 797 9051 



Experian Middle East is an information provider and credit rating agency that can help you as a customer to improve your credit and manage your debt. They provide the analytical tools and information needed to help manage the rewards and risks involved in financial and commercial decisions of organizations. Their marketing services help position you as a solid organization with a varied and strong portfolio. They have a comprehensive understanding of the market and individuals who reside in it. They can easily apply their expertise to help organizations manage their customer relations and improve the profitability of their businesses. Their commitment remains to their customers in finding and promoting greater financial well-being and opportunities. They strive to help their customers make the most profitable financial decisions using all the capabilities they have at hand. 

Address: Dubai Islamic Bank Building 01, Office 102, First Floor, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: +971 43758152


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